You Want a Vacation, But There's a Pandemic: Here’s a Travel Tip to Help You Swim the Day Away More Safely by Isabella Garofanelli

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3 years ago

You Want a Vacation, But There's a Pandemic: Here’s a Travel Tip to Help You Swim the Day Away More Safely

Incorporating the concept of social distancing into your summer vacation because of the coronavirus pandemic is tricky. We’ve never had to do it before or put any thought into whether your presence at your favorite tropical getaway can spell the difference between life or death. But such are the anxieties of vacations this season.

As more cities, states and countries began to lift their travel restrictions and try to restart the economy, the prospect of taking a quick holiday after being locked down for months is exciting. 

My first piece of advice is to be responsible. Take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself and others from the virus. The fact that travel bans are being lifted isn’t reflective of where we stand in terms of COVID-19. Reality is, we’re still in a pandemic. Practice diligent hand hygiene, wear a mask out in public and practice social distancing.

Now, how can we do all that and still enjoy a fun and memorable post-lockdown getaway? I recently signed up for a service that allows me to rent a homeowner’s pool by the hour.

As much as I love the beach, these CDC-checked pools make me feel so much safer and allows me to enjoy my vacation with less anxiety in this brave new sanitized world we have to live in. You can split the cost with two or three other friends who you want to spend time with and spend the day just hanging out, relaxing, getting a tan – basically doing all the things that you would do on a vacation.

That’s also one upside to how I am able to spend my time amid the constraints of social distancing rules – you have the option to spend it with people you know well and get more time with them.

Bottom line? More and more establishments are working very hard to make sure it’s safe for everyone to travel again. But fact is, until we find a real solution to the virus, we have to live in a reality where socially distant vacations have to be the norm. Jet-setters and travel enthusiasts are getting creative while staying self-aware and responsible.

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What an interesting idea! 🌞
Donna John
This would have to be a lot safer than squeezing in an overcrowded resort or hotel pool. Isabella Garofanelli

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