Globetrotting: Making the Decision to Uproot & Travel the World by Jonathan Byrgen

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4 years ago

Globetrotting: Making the Decision to Uproot & Travel the World

In 2010, I made a major change in my life, deciding to leave my "normal" existence in the U.S. I left my job as an administrative assistant behind and lived my dream of traveling the world and researching and writing about my two passions – history and travel.

At the time, my father jokingly dubbed me a “globetrotting broad.” It’s a term I still apply to my travel experiences and adventures, past and present.

Since that time, I have spent extended periods of time in well-known cities like London and Bath, as well as in smaller places like Largs, Scotland, which is often referred to as the "Scottish Riviera." I’ve independently traveled through regions like Normandy, the South of France, and Southern England. Some of my favorite destinations have been the seats of my ancestors, such as Burnley, England, and Naarden, Holland. I've not only been able to research the historic subjects that fascinate me, I've been able to see, feel and smell them firsthand.

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Elisa Schmitz
What an amazing thing to do, Jonathan Byrgen ! Welcome to 30Seconds. I'm glad you shared this with us and look forward to more of your posts!
Sheri B Doyle
Bravo! As a fellow full time traveler I am so happy to have you as part of the tribe. I hope you continue to share more about your adventure and the places you visit/live. Welcome to 30seconds!

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