The Beach House in Roatán: Finding a Place Like Home in Honduras by Sheri B Doyle

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2 years ago
The Beach House in Roatán: Finding a Place Like Home in Honduras

When I walk into a place, I often get this feeling where I just know everything is going to be good there. When I walked into the open-air lobby of The Beach House in Roatán, Honduras, saw a space built around a massive old tree, with an inviting white wicker swinging chair hanging from one of the large branches, I had that feeling. This hotel was going to be amazing. 

My feet walked along the wood-plank floor standing in the center of the lobby, looking all the way out to the beautiful ocean on the other side of the hotel. Everything was quiet; it was just me and the ocean. I was pretty sure I would want to stay here forever.

The intimate, nine-suite hotel instantly felt like the beach getaway we wanted. The wood-clad building, painted bright yellow, with the wood -plank balconies painted white, looked like a large home, settled into a beautiful Honduran bay on the island of Roatán. The long deck, open for happy hour and snacks, connects the hotel to the ocean in front where quietly, with a tropical drink in hand, we watched the sunset at night and rainbows during the day.

Our suite, decorated with simple white linens and beautiful wood pieces, was so comfortable I didn’t care about getting out and exploring the town lurking outside the front door of the hotel. The Beach House in Roatán was so quiet and serene that stepping off the property felt like we would be leaving a dream.

Yet we did leave. We took walks along the busy street lined with shops, restaurants and bars, and along the beach, stopping for great local ice cream, and further onto other beaches along the island. While we enjoyed all of it we always longed to come back to the comfort of the fluffy white bed, the straw sun hats, the delicious cocktails and the balcony over the ocean. 

I have stayed at The Beach House in Roatán four times in the last few years, and each time I have fallen more and more in love. If home is where your heart is, then this hotel is definitely a home to me. 

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Lark Sontag
That sounds like heaven, do you think it's a good prospect for future living situation. I'm looking into second permanent residences, I thought Europe, but you know the more I see of south of the US border the more I think it might be a better option.

I'm from LA and I like sun.
Sheri B Doyle
Lark Sontag It is a wonderful island. Luckily Roatan and Utila are safe from the violence on the mainland of Honduras. I know a lot of expats who live on either island and love it. If you like sun, beaches, snorkeling and diving in a really laid back atmosphere I think Roatan is definitely worth a look. It is closer to home and the real estate prices have dropped considerably the last few years so there are probably some great buys.
The people in Roatan are wonderful (Utila too) and there is a good expat community so acclimating is easy. They speak Spanish and English too.

Utila is less developed which is good or bad depending. Luckily an hour ferry gets you there is you are visiting Roatan so you could easily check out both islands.

I hope this helps. If you have more questions let me know!

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