Travel Safely: 10 Ways to Keep Pickpockets Out of Your Pocket When Traveling by Sheri B Doyle

5 years ago

Travel Safely: 10 Ways to Keep Pickpockets Out of Your Pocket When Traveling

When we are on vacation most of us are in such a state of bliss that we let our guards down and become targets to pickpockets. I have seen it many times: a tourist is enjoying their day, looking at maps or trying to navigate the metro, and without noticing someone steals from them. These are some of the tips I have learned through the years to protect yourself from losing everything to a pickpocket: 

  • My husband puts a rubber band around his wallet and carries it in his front pocket. The rubber band provides resistance for anyone brave enough to try to put their hand in his front pocket. 
  • If you can, carry a small backpack instead of a purse.
  • When carrying a purse, use one that you can wear messenger style so the bag is under your arm and above your hip.
  • Don’t wear expensive jewelry when traveling. Leave anything with diamonds, or fake diamonds, at home.
  • Keep only the cash you need on you each day. If you travel with a lot of cash it is best to leave it in the hotel safe or safety deposit box, or if you must, in your room safe.
  • Make copies of all of your credit cards, front and back, so you know where to call if they are stolen.
  • Carry only the credit card you need for the day in your wallet.
  • Make copies of your passports, and put one copy in each suitcase and carry one with your family/group each day. We never carry our passports on us unless necessary for that day.
  • If someone tries to distract you make sure you are guarding your belongings before you answer.
  • Do not fill your wallet with cash. If you are visiting markets, put a little money in your wallet or pocket and replenish it discreetly when necessary.

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Donna John
Great advice! When I was in Italy, I made the mistake of carrying my passport for the first couple of days, then we decided to leave it in the room safe while gone. I didn't make copies. Great suggestion.

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