Hotel Escencia in Xpu-Ha, Mexico: Reliving My Best Spa Experience by Sheri B Doyle

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5 years ago

Hotel Escencia in Xpu-Ha, Mexico: Reliving My Best Spa Experience

Underneath a traditional palapa roof is a place of serenity unlike many others in the world. As the door opens the smell of natural herbs and candles greets us and the sound of the water and melodic music calls us in. The round-shaped building is the perfect setting for the ultimate relaxation of the spa at Hotel Escencia.

After checking in at the desk, I took my robe and went to the relaxation area. Two lounge chairs waited for my daughter-in-law and me, both facing the Mexican tropical woods. We sipped the herbal drink we were served and relaxed until we were called to the steam room. Inside the round sauna the scent of natural herbs wafted through the steam. The bowl in the middle filled with fresh herbs to relax our senses. Never have we sat in such a serene sauna with such powerful scents of fresh herbs resting in a hand-carved wooden bowl.

When our tables were ready we were escorted to the massage area. A wall of water and plants protected the open-air massage room. We were lead to our tables, both already feeling the ultimate relaxation of this magical place. After the perfect massages we were escorted back to the relaxation room where serenity completely engulfed us. When we knew we had stayed as long as we should, we reluctantly dressed and left. At that moment, both of us knew we would search for a long time to find a more amazing experience.

The Hotel Escencia itself is an incredible resort in Xpu-Ha, Mexico, close to Puerto Aventuras. Whenever we need a break from life our minds always go back to this spa and the dream of returning one day.


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Elisa Schmitz
Oh, my! Si, por favor. Sounds divine, Sheri B Doyle !
Sheri B Doyle
It was, you definitely need to add this to your bucket list.

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