The Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco: Rolling the Dice at the Legendary Casino (a Little Underdressed) by Sheri B Doyle

a year ago

The Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco: Rolling the Dice at the Legendary Casino (a Little Underdressed)

One afternoon on the drive from Italy to France, four of us decided to take our chances at the famous Monte Carlo Casino. Walking from the parking garage toward the casino we were all cracking James Bond and martini jokes. As we approached the road leading up to the casino our jokes stopped, when suddenly we felt very underdressed and underfunded.

The incredible building stands at the end of a cul-de-sac complete with statues and ornate architecture. In front of the massive wood and glass doors a line of luxury vehicles shine in the European afternoon sun. Each car carrying price tags around $250,000 each are a bit imposing, but not as much as the diamond and watch stores lining the sidewalks. Each store seems to be in competition to see just how many large diamonds they can use in one piece. Suddenly we felt out of our league.

Determined to roll the dice in this famous casino we make our way through the front doors. Directly in front of us is a sea view that rivals any in the world. The interior of the building is as elegant and ornate as the outside with wood detailing, massive arched windows and ornate carpeting. Crystal chandeliers hang from the opulent gold and frescoed ceilings above us. I start to adjust my casual clothing feeling self-conscious about our attire.

We approach the desk and are told we are not dressed properly to enter the casino. My husband begins to plead our case and somehow miraculously obtains permission for us to play a few spins on the roulette table, as long as we stay close to the door and don’t stay longer than half an hour. Their kindness puts us all at ease and suddenly we are focused on trying to beat the house. With the luck of first-time visitors, we manage to win the few spins we made.

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Leaving the casino with enough winnings to purchase a bumper sticker for one of the luxury cars or a clasp on a diamond necklace, we laugh all the way to the car. Somehow the adventure of talking our way into the casino made the experience more memorable than being as elegantly dressed as everyone else. 

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Donna John
I absolutely love this story. What amazing experiences you're having, Sheri B Doyle .
Elisa Schmitz
Wow! Way to go, Sheri B Doyle . So much fun!
Chef Gigi
Wow! What a “priceless “ story!
Sheri B Doyle
Yes that it was, it is necessary to have these crazy experiences so we have great stories to tell right?! :)
Wow, very cool article, Monte Carlo is a very cool city
Nan Chul Shin
Would love to visit that city someday. Looks like a cool place.
fghjkgfd VERY EASY TO Sdv
Soberlink Reviews
Always wanted to go there. Thanks for sharing.
Julio Caro
Thanks for Sharing...

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