Dinkelsbühl, Germany: One of the Last Walled Towns on the Romantic Road in Germany by Fiona Whiley

5 months ago
Dinkelsbühl, Germany: One of the Last Walled Towns on the Romantic Road in Germany

Dinkelsbühl is a small town full of character, found along the Romantic Road in Germany. One of the last remaining walled medieval towns, this beautiful area survived two world wars and so you will find it exactly as it has been for centuries. 

The Marktplatz and Weinmarkt are open spaces in the center of the town surrounded by steep gabled renaissance houses painted in shades of yellow, green, cream, pink and orange, which once belonged to the tradesmen who sold their wares in the market. Markets are still held in the center square every Wednesday and Saturday, as well as Christmas markets, Easter markets and other special event markets and festivals.

St George’s Minster stands on the corner of the Markplatz, with houses clustered around its flanks as if seeking divine protection. In sunny weather you can climb the tower of St George’s Minster for a spectacular view over Dinkelsbühl. 

The streets meander, seemingly with no set course, protected by the city walls on the circumference, while half-timbered houses with flower-boxed windows delight the eyes. 

The walls of these completely preserved historic old buildings can tell tales of bygone days and centuries past.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
As many times as I've been to Germany, I have not been on the Romantic Road! I will have to get Dieter Schmitz to take me. Sounds glorious. Thank you, Fiona Whiley !
Fiona Whiley
Oh, yes! Do go - it is all just so lovely.
Mawazna Pakistan
I really like your post. Always been very informational. I hope you'll keep up the good work and maintain the standard. Best of luck.

Dieter Schmitz
Dinkelsbühl is a beautifully quaint town on the Romantische Straße. Danke Fiona Whiley for sharing. I can’t wait to take Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds there!

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