Chatbooks: A Fun Way to Make Photo Albums for Your Kids or Travel Companions! by Sheri B Doyle

5 years ago

Chatbooks: A Fun Way to Make Photo Albums for Your Kids or Travel Companions!

The kids in my family love looking at pictures of themselves. They also love showing their friends places they have been or things they have done. I can’t blame them because I do, too. Wanting to find a way to easily give them photo albums of their trips, birthday parties or events that are special to them, I started looking at options that didn’t take forever to create.

My favorite one is an app called Chatbooks. I love Chatbooks because everything is done on my phone, the books are paperback and they are extremely affordable. Once you download the app, Chatbooks works with your photo library easily uploading the pictures you choose for the book.

Different themes are available, or leave the book plain writing only a title and a few captions. Chatbooks really allows users to be as creative as they want with their books. It is so easy and affordable I find myself making silly ones with my family's crazy faces or funny things the kids have done. They love getting them in the mail, looking at them and being thought of.

After some of your favorite summer activities or trips, why not make Chatbooks for your kids or travel companions?

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Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for this, Sheri B Doyle ! I've been wanting to make a photobook for my son before he starts 7th grade. I may just go this route!
Laura Allen-Davis
I love this....what a great idea for my grandchildren.....all 5 of them!
Sheri B Doyle
My brother in law just used it to make a 10 years of memories book for my sister for her birthday. It was so fantastic!
Thanks, it's such a great idea. I will surely make this.

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