Can Business Trips & Family Mix? Yes! Here Are 4 Tips to Make It Doable! by Kandice Cole

Traveling With Kids
5 years ago

Can Business Trips & Family Mix? Yes! Here Are 4 Tips to Make It Doable!

I love that I get to travel for work. Sometimes I go by myself to get some quiet time. Other times, my husband and toddler daughter come along. Yes, you read that right. Bringing the family on a road trip can actually be a fun experience if you keep a few things in mind:

  • It’s important to manage expectations. Give your family a heads up about your work schedule on the road. It's OK that you will be busy and focused on work. Everyone will be all right!
  • Create special rituals for you and your kids. Find small pockets of time to do something special together. In New Orleans, I took my daughter to a local cafe to eat beignets. It only took about 30 minutes but it made all the difference for me and her. Keep it simple and enjoy the time you do have.
  • Give yourself a little breathing room. Arrive a day earlier or stay a day later so that you can enjoy some extra time with your family.
  • Ask hotel concierge to suggest activities for your family. Your family can still have a great time in a city even if you have to work.

Juggling travel, work and family can be difficult, but there are definitely ways to make the balancing act a bit easier.

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Donna John
I took the kids when I traveled to Chicago for an iParenting get-together. I took my mom along, and she entertained the kids while the iP team was working at the office. They were just talking recently about the bicycle they rented in downtown. Worked out great. It is doable, Kandice Cole .
Kandice Cole
Such a great example Donna! Yes it can work out great with a little bit of planning :-) Thanks for reading!
Elisa Schmitz
Great tips, Kandice Cole ! You are so right. I love combining work trips with family time. Donna John , I remember that. We need to do another work trip soon and you can bring along those "kids" so I can see them all grown up! WOW!
Kandice Cole
Thanks for reading Elisa! Work trips can be really fun :-)

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