Travel Tips From a Seasoned Traveler: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Next Trip by Terri Kendrick

Travel Tips From a Seasoned Traveler: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Next Trip

Ever since my dad took me and my sister on a tour of Civil War battlefields, I’ve had a case of wanderlust. Back then, I was only concerned about whether there was a swimming pool, but these days I’m a little more discriminating and have picked up some tips to make traveling as easy as it is exciting.

  • Survey friends. Before you leave, ask friends about their favorite things to do in your destination city. It’s sure to yield some great finds!
  • Keep a packing list. I’ve gone on way too many trips without something important like my sunglasses, so I now keep a list of those oft-forgotten items like an umbrella and eyeliner sharpener.
  • Wear glasses. After wearing my contacts on a long flight to Hawaii, my eyes dried out so badly that I could barely see for a couple days. Now I always wear my specs on the plane.
  • Stay close in. To save money on transportation, stay in the heart of the city. You’re not only a short walk from the attractions, but it’ll also give you an escape route for a nap or change of shoes.
  • Tour with a local. Many big cities offer tour services where the guides are locals. These locals can give you invaluable recommendations on places that aren’t in the tour books.

Have a travel tip that makes traveling easier? Share it below!

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Donna John
The tip about wearing glasses is such a good one. If your eyes are messed up, it can affect your entire trip. My husband was on the phone with a friend last night giving him our friend's contact info in Puerto Vallarta so he could show him around. Knowing someone local makes all the difference in the world.
Terri Kendrick
Best thing we did in Paris was to hire a retired professor from a university (Sorbonne, I think) to give us a tour of the Left Bank. Only problem was we did it on our next to last day there!
Elisa Schmitz
Yes about the glasses! I always take out my contacts before air travel. They get so dried out. Great tip. I also always just take carry-on luggage, never checked bags. Have had too many bad experiences with waiting for luggage that never shows up. So, pack light is my best advice! Great tips, Terri Jones .
Ann Marie Patitucci
Great tips. Thanks, Terri Jones ! I especially agree about location. It makes a huge difference!
Sheri B Doyle
I love these tips! I took a tour with a local yesterday and loved it. Not only did he have great tips on local restaurants, pubs etc. but they also donated the money from the tour to a local charity!
Terri Kendrick
That's great! Where are you?
Fiona Whiley
Great tips. I have another one to add. Look up travel blogs from people who have been to the place you are going. You can learn a lot from their experiences !
Cupones Descuento
Great tips. Good to take in account for next trips.
Arina Ignatova
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