Travel Smarter: 3 Easy Hacks That Travelers Need to Know About! by David Yarus

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5 years ago

Travel Smarter: 3 Easy Hacks That Travelers Need to Know About!

About to hit the road or fly off to paradise? Before you go, make sure to read these travel tips that will make your vacation much easier.

  • It's all about versatility! For example, think about shoes you can wear for that formal event as well as chillin' by the pool or going to the farmer's market. I recently went to a friend's beach wedding in Colombia. My khaki-colored Tom's were perfect for the occasion and versatile for the rest of my trip. However, if you're bringing more than one pair, be sure to wear the larger pair of shoes or boots when you travel! Same goes for jackets. Think versatile and wear or carry the larger one on the plane (this will also double as a nice pillow for your trip!). Furthermore, when you pack a pair of shoes, be sure to utilize the inside of the shoe, which is the perfect spot for belts, ties and even small electronics and will help support the shape of the shoe, too!
  • Carry a Dopp kitKeep it as tiny and efficient as possible. Your foldable combs, foldable toothbrushes, tiny sample bottles of cologne, lotion, etc. This is a major space saver. I know you love your hairdryer, but just about every hotel and airb+b has these. I will often buy small bottles and containers and fill my own shampoo and body wash. Another great hack is using those tiny super-thin samples ā€“ you know, the ones they always give you at Keihl's like beard oil.
  • Use a TileEver heard of Tile? It's an amazing sleek little device that acts as a mini tracking device. I always throw one in my bag. The Tile connects to an app on your phone and if you ever misplace something, you can simply pull it up on your phone and see exactly where it's located. You can always alert the "Tile" community for assistance, too. 

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Elisa Schmitz
Great tips, David Yarus ! I am all over the shoe one. But I haven't tried Tile yet. Now that you've recommended it, I'm definitely getting a few. Thank you so much for the recos. Welcome to 30Seconds. So excited to have you sharing your insights with us and can't wait to read more from you!
These are wonderful tips and Iā€™m reading this just in time before I head out for a trip! Thank you for sharing!

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