Blue Grotto in Montenegro: Take the Plunge Into the Glowing Waters of the Blue Caves by Sheri B Doyle

5 years ago

Blue Grotto in Montenegro: Take the Plunge Into the Glowing Waters of the Blue Caves

On the shores of Montenegro, a small break in the mountains has formed the Blue Grotto, or Blue Cave. Speedboats pull in and out of the cave, allowing their passengers to jump into the water.

Recently, I took the plunge in the Blue Cave. I stood on the boat shivering as I watched men jump in and scream as they hit the 68-degree F water. Doubts started to arise about how badly I needed to experience the phenomenon of the Blue Cave waters. Since the other passengers on our tour boat were so quick to get in and out we didn’t get to see what the cave is famous for. So, without thinking, I jumped out of the boat into the ice-cold waters.

As I looked into the water, I could see my body had turned an incandescent blue, as had the water around me. The effect was so different from anything I had experienced before. The light coming into the cave is refracted in such a way that when a swimmer is in the water, it appears as incandescent turquoise.

Shimmering turquoise water surrounding me, I posed for a few pictures trying not to shiver. As soon as the last shot was taken, I swam, taking a minute to watch the glow before I got back on the boat and begged the driver to get out into the sun. 

Despite the shivering, I was so happy I had experienced this phenomenon. If you or your family is curious, there are blue caves in other places around the world, such as Croatia, Greece and Italy.

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Donna John
I got to see a little of the Blue Grotto in Italy. Next time, I will get into one of those rowboats and go through that tiny opening into the cave. I can only imagine the anticipation of jumping into water that cold. I still get cold swimming in 100-degree weather in Texas. :-) Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Sheri B Doyle
Where was the Blue Grotto in Italy? I have to put it on my list of things to see.
Donna John
Capri. Gorgeous!
Elisa Schmitz
Wow, what an incredible experience, Sheri B Doyle ! How beautiful. You just added yet another destination to my bucket list, thank you!
Sheri B Doyle
When I was standing there shivering I remembered my sister telling me "Never have regrets when you are traveling. You may never get this chance again". I am glad I followed her advice.
Elisa Schmitz
That is such great advice. Seize every opportunity and never stop exploring!
Sheri B Doyle
It really was. I would recommend waiting a bit for warmer water though. haha
Fiona Whiley
That's great. I saw the grotto in Capri, it was amazing, but you're not supposed to swim there. So good opportunity at Montenegro! Brave to go in the cold water. Brrrrrr.
Sheri B Doyle
Why can't you swim there? If you haven't been to Montenegro you definitely need to put it on your travel list, it was amazing!
Mike Prochaska
wow that just looks amazing

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