Chateau d’Angers: The Incredible Treasure of the Medieval Tapestries in Angers, France by Sheri B Doyle

10 months ago
Chateau d’Angers: The Incredible Treasure of the Medieval Tapestries in Angers, France

The Chateau d’Angers is an impressive medieval castle in Angers, France. The stone structure and beautiful floral gardens are remarkable. However, what is on display in the basement area is one of the most breathtaking treasures I have seen. In a completely black room hangs a Medieval tapestry, commissioned in 1375, by the Duke of Anjou, Louis I. The 100-foot long (originally 140 feet) Apocalypse tapestry was woven completely by hand after being carefully drawn by Jean Bondol.

As I entered the room I was immediately taken aback by the site of each panel towering over me, dimly lit on the black walls. I was totally mesmerized by the dramatic scenes perfectly woven on the preserved 71 panels (originally there were 90). Each panel portrays a piece of the story of how St. John received the revelations of the Apocalypse.


Woven in deep reds, greens, blacks and gold I couldn’t help but stare in disbelief at the intricate and dramatic work. I imagined the women carefully moving the threads through their fingers to bring life to Bondol’s drawings. The tapestries are filled with angels, dragons, death and in the end life for those who have survived. It is moving, sobering and magnificent. 

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Sounds breathtaking, Sheri B Doyle . I love visiting places rich in history like this. Stunning!
Jessica Acree
I love how you describe this... it's as if we're there looking at it with you!

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