Packing Tips: Why You Should Just Roll With It When You're Traveling! by Janine Owens

5 years ago

Packing Tips: Why You Should Just Roll With It When You're Traveling!

I travel a lot for my job. Last year, I was on the road (either by air or car) at least twice a month. Inevitably, there is always the same dilemma: packing my suitcase. I pack too much, I admit it. Going for three days? Let's pack 20 outfits with coordinating shoes. However, as I started having to travel more, it became more cumbersome to continue doing things the way I always had, until my friend suggested one single tip that has changed the course of my packing adventures for life: roll your stuff.

That's it: roll your stuff! Roll your shirts, pants, delicates and tuck other things into the rolls! Not only did this small trick save space, but my clothes come out less wrinkled (and I'll be honest, I'm not into ironing, we have a love-hate relationship going on). In fact, this tip allowed me to only pack a carry-on for a trip to California. One single carry on! Craziness!

Admittedly, this is a very basic tip designed to help with basic packing (won't help when you have three kids and you're packing entire lives into suitcases). However, "rolling with it" will help ease some of the frustrations and eliminate a little of the traveling stress that comes with packing.

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Elisa Schmitz
YES! I have started rolling my clothes as well, Janine Owens . It does seem to save space. Another trick is to put socks and delicates into your shoes/boots. I never check a bag when traveling by air (even when going to Europe). It's carry-on only! So all these little things help a lot. Thanks for sharing!
Janine Owens
I like that tip about socks! I also take gallon sized plastic storage bags to store my shoes in them so they don't muck up my clothes!
Sheri B Doyle
I roll my clothes too and it is the best packing tip I have ever had! I have to pack one suitcase for 8-9 months of travel and all different types of weather so making the most out of my space is mandatory.
I have also learned the importance of packing things that coordinate so I have outfit options without so many individual items.
You and Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds are my heros for getting by with carry-ons!

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