Glencoe Beach Isn’t Just for Summer: Discover Year-Round Fun in Illinois by Mike Prochaska

Glencoe Beach Isn’t Just for Summer: Discover Year-Round Fun in Illinois

Glencoe Beach in Glencoe, Ill., is one of those places you can go all year long, when you just need to get away! Unless it’s the middle of the summer, but we normally go when the beach is “closed.”

I love this place and me and the kids have been there all year round. We went in the fall to collect leaves and in the winter to collect rocks to paint and just throw in the lake. And, of course, the spring to swim, play at the park and in the sand. Warning: you do have to park at the top of the hill and climb down many stairs, so make sure you bring everything you need with you because it’s a long walk up if you forgot the sand toys!

I call this my quiet place because sometimes in the off season we are really the only ones there. It is a beach with a playground on it. Personally, I don’t think there is anything better than swinging away with the kids, listening to the sound of Lake Michigan behind you! It is such an amazing feeling.

Glencoe Beach also has a climber that has an open space under it. My kids love playing under it because it’s protected from the wind. They almost always spend at least an hour under there playing in the sand. There’s also this awesome climber thing in the sand they love because this the only park we have ever been to that has one, and they think it’s awesome!

Also, there is Lake Michigan for the kids to swim in! They normally don’t last that long because the water is cold, but there are always tons of rocks to collect or throw into the water when the kids get bored of the playground.

When the beach is officially open it costs $10 for children ages 2 to 14 years old and $14 for adults. The money helps pay for the lifeguards, and you can rent boats and there is a concession stand where you can buy food. But, honestly, the best time to visit this park is in the spring and early fall when the beach is “closed” for the season. It's the time to really enjoy getting away from it all for a while and enjoy Mother Nature!

Glencoe Beach is located right on Lake Michigan at 55 Hazel Ave., Glencoe, Ill.

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Elisa Schmitz
Absolutely love Glencoe Beach! You are so right, Mike Prochaska , it is a park and beach for all seasons!
Jessica Acree
I am so obsessed with the Pure Michigan side of the lake that I forget there's lovely Lake Michigan shoreline across the way to enjoy too. What a lovely little gem your beach park is!
Dieter Schmitz
Yes, Mike Prochaska, you are so right. Beaches - on-season or off - are one of Chicago's gems. And, Glencoe Beach is especially special!
Dieter Schmitz
And Mike Prochaska don't forget the wonderful July 4th events at Glencoe Beach

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