Kids Nervous About Flying? Here's Your Guide to Overcoming Flying Anxiety With Children! by Latitude33Aviation

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6 years ago

Kids Nervous About Flying? Here's Your Guide to Overcoming Flying Anxiety With Children!

You know that traveling with children can be hard, especially when flying. Fortunately, there are many small ways you can help relieve your kids’ anxiety if they’re not looking forward to your flight. They also can help you keep your wits about you during the flight so you can be there for your kids. For example, it’s important to prepare before you even leave for the airport. 

  • Make sure your kids are wearing comfortable clothes and help them do research about your flight and your destination so they can feel more at ease. 
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol before your flight means you are in a calmer state of mind, as well. 
  • If you have the option, purchasing seats closer to the front of the plane will cut down on the turbulence you may experience. What’s more, you and your kids will exit the plane sooner.

No parent wants to be the one on the flight with the crying kids. With proper planning, you can reduce the anxiety your children may be feeling about the trip. The accompanying guide from Latitude 33 Aviation contains some simple tips for overcoming anxiety about flying. Be sure to follow its advice, and you can make your next trip a lot easier for you and your kids.

Elisa Schmitz
Helpful tips for kids and adults alike! ✈️
Mike Prochaska
Great tips my kids like treveling too much
Great tips for kids and myself!

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