California Butterfly Migration: Record Number of Monarch Butterflies Start Migration Early in Morro Bay by 30Seconds Travel

5 years ago

California Butterfly Migration: Record Number of Monarch Butterflies Start Migration Early in Morro Bay

Each autumn along the California Central Coast hundreds of thousands of monarch butterflies flock to small eucalyptus groves to find respite on their annual migration south in search of warmer weather. This year the quaint town of Morro Bay greeted hundreds of the bright orange king of butterflies starting in August and now the trees are filled with thousands of them.

The monarch's normal migration pattern usually begins in October, peaks in December and is over by March. That means striking shades of orange are now threading in and out of the eucalyptus groves in Morro Bay State Park, the Morro Bay Golf Course and Del Mar Park. Morro Bay's monarchs have a unique tendency to rest lower on the trees, which allows visitors to see them clearly without binoculars. Almost close enough to touch, their colorful congregation is a photographer's dream come true, so be sure to bring your camera along.

"Monarch butterflies come to the eucalyptus trees near the Morro Bay Golf Course clubhouse every year," says Rouvaishyana, manager at the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History, the only one in the California State Park system, where docents are available to discuss the monarchs annual migration. "Monarch butterflies also can be found in the eucalyptus trees at the back of the Morro Bay State Park campground, and in Del Mar Park in North Morro Bay."

The best time to see monarchs is now. For more information on monarch butterflies in the quaint seaside town, call the Morro Bay State Park entrance station at (805) 772-7434 or the Museum of Natural History at (805) 772-2694. Visitors can also contact the Morro Bay Golf Course clubhouse at (805) 772-8751. 

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