Relaxing Travel: My Favorite Playlist & 5 Top Podcasts for Traveling! by Amanda Bowen

Relaxing Travel: My Favorite Playlist & 5 Top Podcasts for Traveling!

Summer travel season is upon us. Whether your summer plans have you heading off to the mountains, beach or something more exotic, here are a few songs and podcasts to keep you feeling happy and healthy when traveling!

Travel can sometimes be stressful between traffic, layovers or a long journey. I find music can change my perspective! Music motivates me during my workout, it sparks creativity at work and makes me feel happier and lighter when traveling. I also love to rediscover old playlists, and have recently been listening to one I made for a Vinyasa Flow class a few years back. I hope these songs inspire you as much as they inspire me! 

I love listening to podcasts on long car trips, as it’s the perfect time to learn more about things I’m interested in – whether it’s for my business (FAWEN Ready-To-Drink Soup) or other passions like wellness, culture, psychology or art. Traveling gives me the perfect excuse to catch up on ones I’ve missed. Here are a few of my favorites: 

What's your favorite thing to do when you travel? 

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Elisa Schmitz
Awesome travel tips, Amanda Bowen ! We travel a lot, so I'll be sure to check out your recommendations. What always helps me is to download movies or TV show series and watch them on the plane on an iPad with my husband. I look forward to learning and growing with you. Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe! Dieter Schmitz
Dieter Schmitz
Plus, Amanda Bowen a neat tip is to bring along a splitter so Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds and I can watch the movie together!
Nicole DeAvilla
Nice tips Amanda Bowen and welcome to the tribe! I like to do 2 Minute Yoga when I travel. My kids are getting into podcasts now and they sound so interesting that I am ready to try some. Thank for giving me some to try!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this! It'll come in handy during my travels the next two weeks. Thank you, Amanda Bowen , and welcome to the tribe!
Alex Bryant
What's your top travel songs?

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