​CozyPhone Headphones: Comfortable Kid & Adult Headphones That Are Perfect for Travel & Home! by Christine Jones

Traveling With Kids
5 years ago

​CozyPhone Headphones: Comfortable Kid & Adult Headphones That Are Perfect for Travel & Home!

Our family loves to travel! As a result, we spend a lot of time in cars and on planes, which means my kids need headphones. We recently received CozyPhone headphones to review. These have quickly become an important travel item on all of our family trips.

If you're not familiar with CozyPhone headphones, they are fleece headband headphones with ultra-thin speakers. The kids model comes in a number of cute animal versions. As soon as my 7-year-old daughter saw her panda headphones she lit up. The volume level on the kids' version is limited to 85 decibels, so you don't have to worry that they're hurting their ears. Also, because they're a fleece headband you don't have to worry about them constantly falling off or not fitting comfortably. The headphones take up a lot less space than the traditional plastic headband type, which is important when you're traveling!

CozyPhone headphones come in an adult version as well – without the animal faces. I was apprehensive when my 16-year-old son tried them, as I wasn't sure he would be open to them. My mistake. He loved them. He was blown away by the comfort and the sound quality. He has taken them with him to sleep-away camp and said he falls asleep with them on every night listening to music.

These are really some of the most comfortable headphones we've tried. Learn more about CozyPhone headphones by visiting CozyPhones.com!

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Nicole DeAvilla
How cute! What a great idea.
Donna John
Ordering my grandson a pair! How cute are these? He will love them.
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Absolutely awesome! I want a pair for myself. Thanks for sharing, Christine Jones ! 😀
Jen Imbaro
I love this idea. My son never wants to wear his regular headphones, and we have a transatlantic flight coming up during Christmas vacation. I think I just found a stocking stuffer!

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