Are You a Spiritual Seeker? A Pilgrimage to Santiago May Be the Way for You! by Stephanie Cannoe

2 years ago
Are You a Spiritual Seeker? A Pilgrimage to Santiago May Be the Way for You!

The Camino de Santiago in Spain, also known as the Way of St. James, is a historical pilgrimage that dates back to the time of Jesus. I walked the Camino in 2015. I felt the call and a spiritual pilgrimage spoke to me on so many levels. The greeting, "Buen Camino," is spoken by all regardless of your native language, which means to have a good journey – we WILL meet again! This bond is felt just by walking this path together, my Camino family, which is the true spirit of a pilgrimage.

As I entered Santiago emotion overwhelmed me. After walking more than 100 miles, the view of the city is a moment I will never forget. I experienced an opening to those that walked this path before me and to those yet to come. I knew I was not alone. What I found I had all along – a trip of a lifetime. A journey of the heart. 

Sheri B Doyle
This has been on my bucket list for years! How long did it take you Stephanie Cannoe ?
Stephanie Cannoe
Sheri B Doyle I walked from Sarria to Santiago in 5 days. My longest day was 20 miles, which was day 3 of course.

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