Want to Eat, Drink & Not Gain Weight on Vacation? Here's the Secret! by Jan Mostrom

6 years ago

I'm always struck while traveling in Europe how fit everyone is. How is it that they love to drink and eat, and they do it with gusto and enjoyment, but always seem so stay slim and in shape? Simply put, they just incorporate exercise into their everyday lives.

When I'm traveling in Europe, I just make it a point to walk – everywhere. Recently, while there, I would get around 15,000 steps in a day. When I traveled on the subway, I'd walk up the escalator instead of standing. Or I'd alternate stairs and walking on the escalator. And guess what? I didn't gain any weight even though we ate out and drank more than our share of great wine.

Next time don't worry about your weight, just incorporate regular physical activity into your normal day! It's easy and free!

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Elisa Schmitz
Yaaaas! We have to take a cue from our European friends and get moving. Thanks for the fun tip, Jan Mostrom !!

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