Don't Let Pickpockets Spoil Your Vacation! Here's an Important Safety Tip! by Jan Mostrom

6 years ago

Being cautious of pickpockets while traveling abroad is very important. Watching your bags, even wearing backpacks in front of you, is smart in dense urban areas. But there is another way thieves target Americans (yes, we are identifiable because of this!). They target us because we are friendly.

We love to be friendly, but because we are open to conversations and helping others, a very common trick to distract us from watching our personal items is by using our kindness. Asking for directions, help or other assistance is a usual tactic of the thieves. They engage us, and then someone else comes in behind us to grab anything they can.

So, go ahead and be friendly, but be cautious, especially when approached by anyone. And don't let a pickpocket spoil the fun of your next adventure!

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Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Jan Mostrom - sad but true. Thanks for the tip!
Jan Mostrom
So sad but happened to Morgan while traveling. Someone asked directions and the other went in behind. She didn't have any idea until later when she took her backpack off!
Elisa Schmitz
Ugh, so sorry to hear! While in London, a couple asked us to take a picture of them with their phone. We did so, but then when they asked if they could have my phone to reciprocate, I nearly handed it over until I thought, better not. Sad, but you just don't know if that's a set-up or what. I kept my phone in hand and politely declined! Jan Mostrom Dieter Schmitz

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