World's Greatest Party? Oktoberfest In Munich, Germany's 200-Year-Old Celebration! by Dieter Schmitz

6 years ago

If you like a good party, you just may love Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany! This festival dates back 200 years, when Crown Prince Ludwig, who later became King Ludwig I, married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. The people of Munich were invited to attend the festivities, which were held on the fields in front of the city gates in order to celebrate and toast to the royal couple. The fields were named Theresienwiese ("Therese's Fields") to honor the Crown Princess, but the Bavarians have since abbreviated the name to the simpler term "Wies'n."

Oktoberfest typically starts the third weekend in September and goes until the first Sunday of October. It kicks off with a parade for the brewers on Saturday, and then another parade on Sunday in which all the villages of Bavaria are represented. The parade participants march their way to the fairgrounds, where a huge carnival and many large banquet tents (more like lodges) are set up for Wies'n celebrations with plenty of food and drink (yes, "Bier" is the drink of choice)!

Up to 7 million people may attend Oktoberfest (3 million local, 4 million tourists), so make sure you book your stay early. Don't forget to wear a Dirndl (women) or Lederhosen (men) so you fit right in at the Wies'n! Prost!

Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for introducing us to the wonderful world of Oktoberfest, Dieter Schmitz! So much fun and energy. It truly is the world's greatest festival, and I'm looking forward to going back again next year! xoxo
Dieter Schmitz
This year was only my 19th Oktoberfest, so I'm a bit of a rookie, compared to my seasoned Bavarian friends. Wearing Lederhosen and seeing Elisa All 30SecondMom in a Dirndl are highlights to be sure!
Ann Marie Patitucci
The "real" Oktoberfest sounds just wonderful!
Keith Sereduck
I used to love Oktoberfest when I lived in Germany. Of course I was 10-12 so I couldn't fully love all of it but the memories are wonderful. Can't wait to go back someday.
Dieter Schmitz
I hope you, Keith Sereduck , are able to return to Munich again soon. The Oktoberfest tradition is quite special, especially with Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds !!
Elisa Schmitz
I love Oktoberfest! It's a tradition I am happy to support each year with you, Dieter Schmitz . Prost!

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