Valencia, Spain: 5 Experiences Not to Miss When You're in Fabulous Valencia! by Jennison Grigsby

7 years ago

Valencia, Spain: 5 Experiences Not to Miss When You're in Fabulous Valencia!

Often when we travel, we have our nose so deep inside the guide book that we forget to actually "experience" our destination city. Here are five experiences you must take advantage of while visiting Valencia, Spain!

  • Eat tapas in the Central Mercado at Bar Central. Belly-up at the bar and enjoy recipes by world-renowned chef, Ricard Camarena.
  • Order paella to go or "para llevar." Pack a blanket, a bottle of wine and enjoy a paella picnic in the Turia Gardens.
  • Head to Playa La Malvarrosa and choose one of the many seaside restaurants to enjoy some of the city's best seafood.
  • Enjoy a cold horchata in beautiful Mercado Colón.
  • Stay up until the wee hours of the morning dancing the night away at a disco in Barrio Ruzafa.

Photo: Turia Gardens

Elisa Schmitz
This sounds amazing! Que bueno. How close are you to Barcelona, Jennison Grigsby? Gracias for sharing your insider secrets! :-)
Elisa Schmitz
I love this tip even more, now that I've been to Valencia. What an amazing city, Jennison Grigsby !!
Meredith Schneider
Jennison Grigsby after reading this and seeing you and Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds LIVE I so wanna travel to Valencia! AND will look you up for sure to plank and do yoga in the park. xoxo
Jennison Grigsby
You will LOVE it!! It's so beautiful :)

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