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Embrace the Ridiculousness: A Pocket Guide to Being A Better You (NOT PUBLISHED) by Jennifer Coken

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3 years ago
Embrace the Ridiculousness: A Pocket Guide to Being A Better You

Whether you’re highly successful and secretly unsatisfied, juggling a tangle of responsibilities or wading your way through a full-stop crisis, Embrace the Ridiculousness, by Jennifer Coken, will help you look at the hard stuff, spot your patterns and identify ways to move toward what you want most. 

Most of us are “in the stands” in our own lives. Like spectators at a sports game, our commentary about the game (our life) makes absolutely no difference in the score. In Embrace The Ridiculousness, you won’t simply read a bunch of theory. You’ll get tools, how-to exercises and pondering questions that, if applied with full honesty and attention, have the power to change your life. 

"If you want to achieve your desired results, then this short book will give you 12 easy ways to get back on the field and take action! Jen Coken's new book will give every reader important lessons on how to get out of their own way, to be more successful in life and at work. I love it!” — Mary Abbajay, Author of Managing Up, President & CEO, Careerstone Group

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
How awesome, Jennifer Coken ! I am excited to read your book, thank you!
Donna John
Got my copy yesterday! Can't wait to read it. Thanks, Jennifer Coken !
Jennifer Coken
Awesome. Ignore the typos! Working on a 2nd edition. :-)
Noreen Braman
Love the title! Can't wait to to read it!

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