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Essential Oil Intro Kit with Exclusive Wellness Consultation by Nicole DeAvilla by Nicole DeAvilla

Essential Oil Intro Kit with Exclusive Wellness Consultation by Nicole DeAvilla

Whether you want a natural energizing, mood lifting, calming, kitchen cleaning, muscle support, respiratory support or sleep support essential oil, you can have it all with the three must-have essential oils included in this versatile Essential Oil Introductory Kit featuring Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils. 

You may know that essential oils are good for you and your family. But your next question may be, how do I use them safely and effectively? Take the guesswork out of essential oil use with a personalized Wellness Consultation with Nicole DeAvilla or one of her senior team members. These consultations are usually reserved for wholesale members only. This exclusive offer for 30Seconds community members is a 45-60 minute consultation via Skype, phone or similar one-on-one connection. 

This attractively-packaged Introductory Oil kit contains the finest, third party tested CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils from doTerra and are sourced with the highest standards for the earth and the people who grow and harvest the oils. 

Using your "time is money" rewards for high quality natural solutions for you and your family can give you the boost you need to experience the life-changing benefits of essential oils - with your personal advisor included! 

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Essential oils are amazing, and Nicole DeAvilla is a wonderful teacher. What a great way to kickstart your health and wellness! 💗
Tiffany Zook
Can’t wait to try them.

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