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Yoga Therapy Consultation Via Skype With Nicole DeAvilla by Nicole DeAvilla

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2 years ago
Yoga Therapy Consultation Via Skype With Nicole DeAvilla

Experience a private yoga therapy consultation in the privacy of your own home via Skype with Nicole DeAvilla, one of the leading pioneers in yoga therapy and a featured contributor for 30Seconds.

Feel heard and understood as you explore what yoga therapy can do for your heart, back pain, stress, chronic pain, anxiety, joint pain and lifestyle.

Nicole's system of intake, consultation and implementation is rooted in science, best practices, experience and well-honed intuition.

Book a life-changing consultation today! 

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Yoga has really improved my wellbeing. Nicole DeAvilla is a leader in yoga therapy - and with this consultation, she can help from anywhere in the world. So awesome! 🙏

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