Signs of Labor: 4 Things to Watch For That Could Signal Labor Has Started Labor and Delivery

Mei Marcie
5 years ago

It is important to know the signs of labor so that you can head to the hospital in time. Here are four signs of labor to watch for:

  • Contractions: These come at a high intensity strength and at regular frequency with pain that stretches from lower back to the lower abdomen. Labor contractions come at every five minutes or less, and the contractions last about a minute. 
  • Vaginal discharge: The mucus plug that seals the cervix opening will be released to prepare for birth. These may come with a streak of blood, as a "plug" or tiny bits of discharge. 
  • Cervix dilation: The cervix will dilate to prepare for baby's arrival and your doctor will check your cervix at regular checkup and when you go to the hospital.
  • Amniotic fluid The water breaks, either as leakage or gushes.

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