Did My Baby Drop? Here's How Pregnant Moms Can Tell! Labor and Delivery Third Trimester

Dr. Kimi Suh
6 years ago

One of the things people ask when a woman is getting close to her pregnancy due date is, “Did the baby drop?” This can be confusing, especially for a pregnant first-time mom. Your baby dropping is usually referring to when a baby is getting ready to be born, head down and low. What are some possible signs?

  • You may find yourself having to go to the bathroom more often since Baby’s head is putting more pressure on your bladder.
  • You also may feel like you're waddling more since Baby’s position can be difficult for your gait.
  • The good news is it’s easier to breathe because your lungs now have more room.

Also called lightening, it can start as early as a few weeks before labor actually begins, especially in first pregnancies. Call your doctor with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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