Family Transitions: 5 Ways to Help Your Older Child Adjust to the New Baby! by Kelly Wonderlin

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7 years ago
Family Transitions: 5 Ways to Help Your Older Child Adjust to the New Baby!

Growing your family is an exciting time. Here are five tips to help your older child adjust to a new baby in the house! 

  • Ask Their Advice: "Do you think the baby would like to wear the blue shirt or yellow shirt?” 
  • Let Them Tell Baby a Story: Have your child help make a simple picture book about him and his new sibling. 
  • Watch the Baby Together: Invite your other child to observe the baby with you. 
  • Let Them Do Their Own Thing: If your child doesn’t want to be involved with the new baby, don’t push it.
  • Keep to Your Child’s Routine: Consistency before and after Baby's arrival is key!

Sibling harmony will arrive before you know it!

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