Bonding & Breastfeeding: 5 Ways Dad Can Bond With Your Breastfed Baby! by Christy Garrett

Bonding & Breastfeeding: 5 Ways Dad Can Bond With Your Breastfed Baby!

Are you planning to breastfeed your baby, or are you already? You may think your baby's dad won't be able to bond with the baby if you breastfeed. However, Dad doesn't need to feel left out. There are other ways that fathers can bond with their newborn, and here are a few of them: 

  • Dad can create a bedtime routine for Baby, such as rocking, reading or singing.
  • Dad can give Baby a bath.
  • Dad can bring Baby to Mom for feedings.
  • Dad can change Baby's diaper.
  • Dad can play or spend time with Baby so Mom can nap, shower or have a few minutes to herself. Those moments are priceless!

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Kaila Weingarten
Definitely great Ideas! As a breastfeeding mom, I can attest that these ideas work. And dad takes over feeding the kids when they start eating regular food!

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