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Announcing Pregnancy
4 years ago

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy: 5 Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Parents-to-Be

Being pregnant can be frightening and exciting, regardless of whether it is your first pregnancy or your fifth. Announcing your pregnancy to family and friends should be a joyous occasion every time. To make the announcement fun and memorable, here are some fabulous pregnancy announcement ideas, especially if you already have older children to help you.

Adorable Onesie

What better way to share your good news than by having a onesie custom printed with a message that you are infanticipating. Take a picture of the onesie with you and your partner holding it or position it on top of your belly before capturing an amazing photo. If you have older kids, have custom-printed shirts to match the onesie.

Chalkboard Fun 

Write your due date on a chalkboard and let everyone wonder what that date is about. Add some hints after a couple of weeks by asking your older kids to draw baby shoes or baby bottles on the chalkboard. If you are more of an artist, draw on a wall with chalk and stand artistically in front of it before taking a photo that will convey your message. You also can let your big kid lie on the floor with a chalk drawing announcing that he or she will be a big brother or big sister soon.

Custom Balloons

Technology allows you to custom print your own artwork on balloons. As a bonding activity, you can draw or paint with your older child, then put that into a digital format. In Australia, Specialty Balloons makes custom-printed balloons in different colors and sizes. They also have custom-shaped foil balloons that can make your message definitely stand out. These balloons are also awesome for kids' birthday parties and events.

Colorful Confetti

Everybody loves confetti! Sprinkle around blue or pink confetti to reveal the gender of your baby if you want your announcement to be a gender reveal party as well. The confetti can even come from a piñata or other party popping accessory.

Up for Promotion 

Arrange a photo opp with your older kids and have them either hold a message that says “promoted to big sister” or “only child expiring soon.” You can even have these messages printed on a shirt for your kids to wear during the photo shoot. Alternatively, you can let your kids write this message themselves on a white board or chalkboard, or even on a drawing pad.

The anticipation to welcome a new member of your family can be exhilarating. Sharing this good news with your family and friends is even more exciting. Try out some of the ideas above and spread the good news in an extraordinary way, and bond with your older kids while waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive.

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Julie Rose
❤️these ideas
Such a special time in life. Thanks for the ideas to celebrate this moment!
Elisa Schmitz
I had never heard of "infanticipating," but what a great word! These are all awesome ideas for announcing pregnancy and making the moment special!
Love going beyond the simple “Baby on board!”

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