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4 years ago

Pregnancy Week 2: Cell Division, Subtle Signs of Pregnancy & the Nervous Dad-to-Be

About Baby

Once your little zygote divides into 16 identical cells and enters your uterus, it gets a name change to morula. Did you ever think you’d have a morula attached to your uterus? Now starts the remarkable transformation into your son or daughter – and another name change-a-roo. The cells have now become a ball called a blastocyst. Now comes the cool part: the inner mass of the blastocyst will become the embryo and the liquid-filled area becomes the amniotic sac. And it doesn’t stop there! The outer cells become the placenta, which is the vehicle that delivers nutrients and oxygen to your developing baby. The placenta also is responsible for taking the baby’s waste products away (you’ll get this job in about 38 weeks).

Photo: Embryo in the morula stage

About Mom

You may be wondering about those very first, subtle signs that a baby is on the way. While it’s a bit early yet, here are common pregnancy symptoms to keep a watch for:

  • Missed period (this is a no-brainer, right?).
  • Nausea and vomiting (though we wouldn’t classify vomiting as subtle).
  • Sore breasts (temporarily off limits, guys).
  • Back pain (though this could be caused by a variety of other reasons).
  • Tiredness (getting your yawn on).
  • Food cravings (that dill pickle slushie really isn’t so bad).
  • Headaches (blame your increased estrogen levels on this one).

It’s almost time to pee on that stick!

About Dad

Whether this was a planned pregnant or not, it’s natural to feel nervous – and that includes the dad. Even before pregnancy is confirmed, if a baby is in your life’s goals, encourage your partner to start developing relationships with other dads (or hopeful dads). Hang out at parks together and watch how the fathers there interact with their children – and why not introduce yourself. Not ready for face to face? Find dad’s tribe! On sites like 30Seconds, dads are connecting, sharing, encouraging and bonding through all stages of fatherhood. So, before you’re watching him frantically searching for his keys to make that labor run, know that he’ll have plenty of dude support and texts to send while labor takes its course.

These days the average age of a first-time parent has jumped significantly.This is the oldest generation of parents to have ever existed. We can assume that this group is more mature and therefore more prepared for parenting, with a clearer understanding of what it takes, right? Why, then, is the most frequently discussed questions at parent forums, blogs and in social media, "Are we ready for kids?" Always keep in the back of your mind that on this parenting ride you will be growing up along with your children. Here are three ways you can start growing even before starting your family.

Bump Talk

“I’m never as happy as when I’m pregnant. I literally would have 10 babies if I could!”Tori Spelling

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Amazing how such a small little thing can create so many changes in the body!

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