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4 years ago

Pregnancy Week 9: Fetal Development, Pregnancy Symptoms, Sleep & Tips From Moms Who've Been There

About Baby

Baby is slowly starting to look like … well … a baby. The tail your little one was sporting is gone now, and all the vital organs are in place, though still developing. The heart is dividing into four chambers and valves are making their appearance. And teeth? Yes, tiny teeth are forming. Sex organs are now external, but it’s still too early to tell if Baby is a boy or girl yet. The placenta is well developed now and is producing hormones. Baby is about the size of a grape.

Photo: Embryo at week 9 of development

About Mom

While you may feel really pregnant right now, you don’t look it. Mood swings, nausea, morning sickness and fatigue may still be rearing their ugly heads. You may also be reliving your teen years in the form of pimples. All of these things are due to your still-raging hormones. Be sure to find time to rest and relax. You may want to reduce heavy workouts and find a more relaxing – and less strenuous – way to exercisePrenatal yoga may be the perfect fit for you, as it combines stretching, movement and stress relief.

Are you getting enough sleep? This will not only help with the fatigue, but should help with your energy levels and pregnancy fog many women complain about. You may want to consider adding naptime into your schedule. If you do, keep these things in mind:

  • Keep them short! Any more than 30 minutes will just make you groggy with regret.
  • Aim for mid-afternoon. The Mayo Clinic says between 2 and 3 p.m. seems to be the sweet spot.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. Keep it quiet, dark, comfortable and free of distractions.

But when you’re pregnant, anytime you can get extra shut-eye, take advantage of it. Before know it, your baby will be dictating your sleep schedule!

Been There, Done That

Already worrying about what kind of mom you’ll be or how you’ll handle new motherhood? Here’s some advice from seasoned moms to help put your mind at ease (at least a little):

  • "Ask for help and accept the help.”
  • “New motherhood can be isolating. Find your tribe – a moms’ group, a book club, a yoga class – whatever you need to feel connected.”
  • “Just like every baby is different, every mom is different, too.”
  • “Don’t stress about stuff around the house. It can wait.”
  • “Nap when your baby naps.”
  • “Don’t feel guilty making time for yourself. Whatever you enjoy, do that thing.”

Here’s even more honest advice about motherhood from moms who have been there, done that.

Have a friend or family member who you think is a remarkable mom? Talk to her! She probably won’t mind sharing her pregnancy experiences and giving you advice on motherhood. And don’t let the miles stop you! Skype or FaceTime will bring your support system right into your living room. Take advantage of it!

Bump Talk

“That first pregnancy is a long sea journey to a country where you don’t know the language, where land is in sight for such a long time that after a while it’s just the horizon – and then one day birds wheel over that dark shape and it’s suddenly close, and all you can do is hope like hell that you’ve had the right shots.” – Emily Perkins

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Great tips for how to get through this week of pregnancy. Other expectant parents are such a great resource!

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