8 Pregnancy Tests Came Back Negative: A Pregnancy Story for My Daughter 8 Years Later by Jessica Lawrence

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4 years ago

8 Pregnancy Tests Came Back Negative: A Pregnancy Story for My Daughter 8 Years Later

Nearly eight years ago, I gave birth to a tiny peanut who was four weeks early. The NICU team came in to inspect her, and she was lucky enough to be just fine. My daughter loves to ask me questions about what life was like when she was a baby, and thankfully, I remember (most) everything from that time.

Fun fact: I didn't take a positive pregnancy test for my daughter. In fact, I took eight negative ones! I called the doctor and spoke to a nurse who informed me that I must not be pregnant if I have taken so many negative tests. After some lengthy arguing, I went in the office for a blood test. 

The next day, I sat at my desk next to my co-worker and took a phone call that shocked me: I was sort of pregnant. Excuse me? How does that work? You see, my count was so low that they informed me either I was having a miscarriage or I was extremely new to pregnancy. The next few days were agony. I desperately hoped I was not miscarrying but tried to mentally prepare in case I was. I went to a yoga class where the instructor put her hands on my shoulders and helped me calm down.

Gabby was born on March 21, 2011. 

A miracle? Maybe. My little girl? Definitely.

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Donna John
What a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us, Jessica Lawrence .
So sweet! 🥰
Elisa Schmitz
I just love this, Jessica Lawrence . To me, it shows your daughter's strength and resilience. She was there all along, small but mighty, just waiting to be born to you. Cheers to her strength, and yours.
Ann Marie Patitucci
She’s yours for sure, Jessica Lawrence - little but fierce! Love this precious story!

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