Second Baby Did Not Follow Birth Plan: No Yoga Poses at This Yoga Mom’s Second Birth Experience by Nicole DeAvilla

Second Baby Did Not Follow Birth Plan: No Yoga Poses at This Yoga Mom’s Second Birth Experience

I was more open minded about my birthing experience with my second baby. The contractions began in the middle of the night. I lay on my left side and began my prenatal yogic breathing. The position and the breathing helped me relax during the contractions, which slowly grew more regular and stronger. 

I stood up only to use the bathroom, and later to dress. While standing the contractions brought me to my knees, though into a squatting position which made them easier to bear. At the hospital, the admitting nurse was surprised that I was so far into labor, because I was calm and breathing through the contractions. 

I continued prenatal yogic breathing with an open-mouth exhalation. The nurses complimented my breathing technique. When my labor seemed to slow down and not progress further, the nurses were instructed to break my water. That did the trick. I was now in full-blown labor.

I could feel the baby crowning. My doctor had me push three times and my daughter was born! I still didn’t do any yoga poses at the hospital, as I thought I would. All of my yoga training served me well, confirming that yoga is much more than simply yoga postures.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Oh my, so amazing. It sounds like your instincts took over, Nicole DeAvilla ! You are one empowered mama. Thank you for sharing this powerful birth story!

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