When Your Birth Plan Goes Astray: The Rewrite of My Yogic Birth Story by Nicole DeAvilla

When Your Birth Plan Goes Astray: The Rewrite of My Yogic Birth Story

As a yoga teacher, I thought I would have a different birthing story to tell. Instead of...

  • Laboring at home practicing prenatal yoga – I was induced at the hospital.
  • Practicing yoga poses and meditating – I had to lie prone in the hospital bed.
  • Eating healthily – I begged for more JELL-O to curb my growing hunger!
  • Breathing with natural contractions – I progressed from no contractions to rapid, intense, pitocin-induced contractions.
  • Planning to consider a light epidural – I needed to have a full-on numbing one.
  • Practicing yoga during labor – I was exhausted with an epidural and slept through my labor.
  • Squatting for delivery – My dead weight unfeeling legs were propped into a semi-squat position on the bed.
  • Feeling the contractions and moving and breathing yogically with them – My doctor had to tell me when I was having a contraction.
  • Pushing with my strength and coordination – I had to imagine muscles I couldn’t feel. 

In the end, none of this mattered! Having a healthy wonderful baby to cherish was the foremost goal and was the awesome result. In the end I do have an even better yoga birthing story and lesson: Accepting what is, maintaining a sense of humor and being grateful. That’s a happy yoga birthing story.

Did you have a re-write of your birthing story? Please share!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Yes, the best laid plans... I have a couple to share (with my singleton and twins' pregnancy). Nothing went quite as planned, but I did manage to give birth without any pain meds - for both deliveries. Even the twins. Quite a story - stay tuned! Thank you for sharing this, Nicole DeAvilla . So valuable for expectant moms to see it's OK if things don't turn out as planned!

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