No More Kids After 30: Why I'm Happy With My Family-Planning Decisions by Jennifer Young

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5 years ago

No More Kids After 30: Why I'm Happy With My Family-Planning Decisions

My life isn’t a fairytale story. I was a teen mom before the show. Lots of gossip as the class president stands on stage seven months pregnant. Even though my family’s start wasn’t traditional, I did wind up marrying my high school sweetheart. We added two more children to our family. 

After having my first child, I set it in my head that no matter how many children I have, when I’m 30 that’s it. As I neared 30 I thought about it more. I still felt strongly about the deadline I set for myself years ago and made it final. 

During this time (and still) I had some question my actions. Saying I was young and should have more children. Others telling me what I was doing was wrong when there are people trying to conceive and cannot. I did know people trying, and while I empathize with their situation, I’m happy with my choice.

I had my first baby three months after my 18th birthday. I’ve been a mommy for 17 years. I had two more wonderful children. All three I love more than my own life. However, all three are out of diapers and I love watching them grow – while enjoying me, too.

I see no right or wrong way. People will always have opinions. Do what makes you happy. This is our one life to live. Cheers!

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Elisa Schmitz
Wow, what a story, Jennifer Young ! Thank you for sharing. I think there are lots of benefits to having kids before age 30, such as lower chance of breast cancer. I, too, had my three kids before I turned 30, and am happy with that decision. Who cares what other people think, anyway! ;-)
Jennifer Young
Life gives us all a path and they are all different in their own way. I think if we all embrace our own and commend each other’s, we’d all smile more.

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