How to Hide Facebook Ads After a Personal Tragedy by Courtney Battista Bish

How to Hide Facebook Ads After a Personal Tragedy

The subject line seems silly, right? Who cares about Facebook ads? And if I had a personal tragedy, I wouldn't be pursuing social media ... would I?

But what if you were? You might go on Facebook to escape, to mindlessly scroll and think about something else for a minute. And what if every time you go on Facebook, the ads (which are designed specifically based on your interests from all the information you've shared or websites you've visited) are there reminding you of what you lost?

If you had a miscarriage, and nearly every ad was about maternity wear or a nursing bra, or if you lost your dog and the ads were about a new chew toy or gourmet dog food, you might feel ambushed. That mindless scroll is now painful. Here's what you do to change that:

  • Go to “settings” and then “ads.”
  • Under “ads,” you will see lots of ways to uncheck "interests" and specific vendors as well as to hide things like "parenting" or "pets" for a period of time.
  • Check out all the different tabs, as what you're looking for may be found in multiple sections.

While this will not take away the pain from your loss, it will at least diminish the unnecessary constant reminders in your Facebook scrolling.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Wow, this is really helpful, Courtney Battista Bish . You are so right about the painful reminders those ads bring. Many thanks for sharing this!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
This is a very helpful tip, Courtney Battista Bish !The little things can make a big difference during difficult times.

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