Learn to Love the Awkward Parts of Pregnancy (Bodily Functions & All) by Molly Laird

Learn to Love the Awkward Parts of Pregnancy (Bodily Functions & All)

Before being pregnant, I naturally found myself to be "quite the lady" in regards to bodily functions. Now, being 30 weeks pregnant, things are very different in our house – and I believe it has truly brought us closer in a way I could have never expected. I had to accept that our bodies are simply machines and sometimes they do wild things and that is totally cool, too. Here is what I have learned over these past 30 weeks:

  • Farts. Are. FUNNY. Pass gas when you have to.
  • Share your insecurities with your partner. We all have them. Holding them in will only allow them to grow.
  • Life is messy and so are we. Sometimes you're going to puke so hard that you pee everywhere, sometimes you are going to sneeze and pee or nipples will leak or your skin will break out or your pants will no longer fit. I mean, the list goes on and on and on. Accept it, laugh at it, learn to love the process.
  • Join a mom or pregnancy group on social media. You will soon see you are not alone.
  • Physical intimacy is not just sexual. Don't forget to hug, cuddle, hold hands, take showers together, give and receive massages, kiss and dance.
  • Thank your partner every day.

Bring it on, pregnancy week 31!

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Elisa Schmitz
OMG, this is hilarious! And so true. I love your real and authentic perspective on pregnancy and on life, Molly Laird . Keep on being amazing, week 31 and beyond! 💗
Ann Marie Patitucci
Oh, Molly Laird , I just love this! It's so true & authentic, and YOU! I know this is going to resonate with so many! Thank you!
Meredith Schneider
So love this Molly Laird ! After 4 pregnancies, SO can relate! Cherish every crazy second! xoxo

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