Bronzed & Breastfeeding: How to Spray Tan While Nursing Your Baby by Samantha Martin

4 years ago
Bronzed & Breastfeeding: How to Spray Tan While Nursing Your Baby

As someone with freckled fair skin, I stopped heading to the tanning booth years ago and instead opted for a sunless spray tan. So when I had my first baby, and after confirming with my doctor that a spray tan was safe while nursing, I took the plunge and headed to get a custom spray tan.

I am sure most people have seen that viral photo of a baby with an orange face and the playful warning about spray tanning while breastfeeding. I am here to assure you that your baby does not have to end up looking like that baby. Mine never did, and here is how:

  • I cover my nipples. I have done this with a bandeau and pinched the middle together so my cleavage still gets sprayed. 
  • I have also taped nursing pads to my boobs. 

These steps are only necessary if you think you will need to nurse your baby before your first shower after the spray tan. If you will need to nurse or even just hold your baby, wear long sleeves and pants so nothing transfers. Don't freak out if anything gets on your baby or his or her clothes, just wash it off right away.

If you don't need to nurse before your first shower, you don't need to cover your nipples! Tan on!

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