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Birth Stories
5 years ago
Birth Stories: Real Childbirth Experiences From the Tribe (Share Yours!)

Childbirth is a magical time – and a unique experience for every woman. We are excited about our Birth Stories category! Stop by and read the touching, inspiring and from-the-heart words from other tribe members about one of the biggest moments in a women's life: the birth of their child. 

We want to hear how your beautiful baby (or babies!) made his or her grand entrance into the world. Here's how to share your story:

  • Sit down, reminisce about your birth experience and then put it into words.
  • Include at least one high-res, horizontal photo of your child. More than one photo can be included, so send a few! 

It’s a wonderful way to help expectant parents be more informed of possible scenarios and share your one-and-only birth experience with friends, family – and your amazing children. 

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I love this, Donna John ! I will get mine up as soon as I can. So looking forward to sharing and reading other's birth stories, especially when we launch that new category in time for Mother's Day! :-)
Ann Marie Patitucci
What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to read everyone's stories!
Nicole DeAvilla
I have written my two birth stories and have them published in my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training manual. Now the task is to write the 30 Second version! -- Donna John - my babies though only 19 and 21 years old were before digital photos were widely available. I hope a picture when they are older will work.

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