Are You an Older Mom or Mom-to-be? Your Brain May Thank You Later! by Nicole DeAvilla

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5 years ago
Are You an Older Mom or Mom-to-be? Your Brain May Thank You Later!

Some women who get pregnant after age 35 worry about their health. Worry no more! There is now something to celebrate instead. A study shows that women who had their last baby after age 35 have sharper minds as they age. Women who were on contraceptives for at least 10 years or started their first menstrual cycle before the age of 13 also appear to have better brain power post-menopause.

A novel and surprising finding was that even having an incomplete pregnancy had cognitive benefits. The findings are not compelling enough to suggest that women wait until they are over 35 to complete their family. For older moms, know that the brain fog you may be experiencing during pregnancy will change to brain clarity as you age!

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Donna John
So interesting, Nicole DeAvilla! And great news for those women choosing to wait to start a family. I had mine young, so my brain is doomed! :-)
Nicole DeAvilla
Hey Donna John ! I bet if you look at other factors you may find yourself having great brain power later on too. For extra insurance, you can always practice yoga and meditation! :)
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Fascinating, Nicole DeAvilla and Donna John! I think I'm doomed, too, LOL!
Nicole DeAvilla
haha! No way Elisa All 30SecondMom - I am sure you will be fine! I just got in at my last pregnancy at age 36, and am good on the other factors. So there is hope for me!

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