Relax, Mom-to-be: Here Are 3 Tips to Help Relieve Stress During Pregnancy! by Mei Marcie

Relax, Mom-to-be: Here Are 3 Tips to Help Relieve Stress During Pregnancy!

High stress during pregnancy may affect the your baby. Stress has been linked to premature delivery, low birth weight, lower immunity and higher risk of infection. Here are three tips to help reduce pregnancy stress!

  • Identify the source of stress: For some mothers, it comes from the worry of labor, baby care, work or finances. The "normal" stress of meeting work deadlines has not been found to affect the baby, but rather chronic high-stress situations, like tragic family events, abuse, depression and sudden loss of job.
  • Rest and relax: Given the many physical changes during pregnancy, it is always good to rest. Try light exercise, yoga and meditation.
  • Prenatal classes: Attend one to be prepared (and worry less!) about baby care, breastfeeding and what to expect during pregnancy and labor.

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