Am I Ovulating? 5 Ways to Tell When You're Ovulating by Mei Marcie

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5 years ago
Am I Ovulating? 5 Ways to Tell When You're Ovulating

Knowing when you're ovulating can help increase your chance of pregnancy (i.e. have sex during your fertile window which is five days before ovulation and the ovulation day itself). Here are five ways to tell when you're ovulating:

  1. Timing of ovulation, which is around two weeks before the end of period. For instance, fertile window for 28-day cycle is from day 12 to 17.
  2. Clear and slippery cervical mucus, which helps the sperm travel to the fallopian tube.
  3. Mild ache or pain in lower abdomen.
  4. Before rise in basal body temperature (BBT).
  5. Breast tenderness.

It is not exact though so frequent sex helps!

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