High Ceilings? Rescue Your Kid's Balloon During Playtime Easily With This Parenting Hack! Playtime Parenting

Wendy Wright
3 years ago

Balloons and childhood go hand in hand, but in my house, that usually means the string comes off and I have a child in tears. At home, our ceilings are tall and I am short, which is a horrible balloon-rescuing combination. I've found that quick thinking and tools I have on hand can rescue the balloon in less than 30 seconds! 

  • Grab a broom or an extra rod from the closet.
  • Add a loop of tape with the sticky part on the outside. 
  • The handle reaches the balloon and the tape sticks to the balloon. 

My son's jaw dropped when I did this yesterday. Mom's a super hero (no cape required!).

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