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Teacher Karen
a month ago

When I was young there was a good chance you’d see a group of us kids running around playing kickball or tag, nimbly jumping rope or engrossed in hopscotch. Every one of these games are easy to get going, require little or no investment for equipment and add developmental benefits to children.

I’m still a proponent of all these games, though I know some elementary schools prohibit tag for fear of children getting hurt. Removing danger and trying to keep kiddos safe are two different things to me! Children need risky play!

As I said, they’re all beneficial, but I’ll focus on one: hopscotch. To play hopscotch kiddos must abide by several rules. You’re out if: 

  1. Your marker doesn’t land in the right square.
  2. You step on a line.
  3. You lose your balance trying to pick up your marker and put a second foot or hand down.
  4. Your marker goes into a square where an opponent’s marker already is. 
  5. You put two feet down in a single-sized square.

With so many rules there must be an upside to this game right? Yep! When children play hopscotch they receive of many benefits:

  • Develop fine and gross motor muscles. 
  • Improve balance and physical coordination. 
  • Utilize strategizing, adaptability and good sportsmanship.

If that’s not enough, check why playing hopscotch is important.

So get some chalk, draw out a hopscotch pattern, have bean bags for markers (or collect some flat rocks or shells to use instead) and let your kiddos start playing!

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Comments (6)

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I loved hopscotch as a child, and hopscotch with my own kids. Many thanks for this great tip about it, Teacher Karen ! We need to keep this awesome game alive for all generations to enjoy! Mike Prochaska
This is awesome, so fun.
Mike Prochaska
Love this!! Great tip teacher Karen
Teacher Karen
I agree Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds! Especially since hopscotch is such an easy activity to get going ☺️Thanks for the suggestions Mike Prochaska!
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