Live Butterfly Cam: Virtual Positivity & Homeschooling Activities From the San Diego Zoo Activities

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3 years ago

Looking for a positive way to stay busy at home and connected to the world – and provide a learning experience for your kids? The San Diego Zoo Global has launched a new online Butterfly Cam

Enjoy livestream footage from inside the San Diego Zoo’s Hidden Jungle greenhouse, where around 30 species of butterflies (like zebra longwings, giant swallowtails and blue morphos) flit and feed. These butterflies actually came to the Safari Park in the pupae stage from sustainable butterfly farms in Central, South, and North America to help promote conservation of the rain forest habitats where the farms are located. 

Online viewers can see some of the thousands of colorful, eye-catching butterflies as they flutter lightly through the warm air to find nectar-filled flowers, or catch of glimpse of up to 22 exotic bird species – including the critically endangered Bali myna and blue-crowned laughingthrush that reside inside the aviary, among the lush greenery.

Learn more about the San Diego Zoo Global and check out the Butterfly Cam.

Photo: San Diego Zoo Global

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Elisa Schmitz
This is wonderful. What a soothing, feel good activity, especially now. Thank you so much for sharing!
Mike Prochaska
Looks cool i couldn’t get My kids to look at any of those virtual field trips then been spoiled to much with adventures to zoos
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