Adulting With Our Parents: The Relationship Changes, But the Love Remains the Same! Relationships

Terri Jones
4 years ago

When we’re in our 20s, we don’t want our parents around much. We’re just establishing ourselves as adults, and someone continually telling us to “get a coat” and “eat your veggies” makes us feel like a 14-year-old again.

But around our late 30s, the freedom and the novelty of adulthood starts to wear off, and we start to tire of all the work and responsibilities of being grown up. Someone telling us what to do (and sometimes even doing it for us!) can be a giant relief. We begin to see our parents as people, rather than just parents, and choose to spend time with them – not out of obligation but because we want to.

If we’re very, very lucky, our parents become our friends somewhere along the way, and we forge the strongest kind of parent/child relationship.

At 57, I’m blessed to still have my mom, dad and stepmom supporting me and providing an unwavering presence in my life. But I know it won’t last forever. At this stage of my life, I soak up their wisdom, grab every moment together that I can and try to imprint their lessons, laughter and love upon my heart.

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