Mom Needs a Break: How to Take a Break & Boost Your Creativity at the Same Time! Motherhood

Kandice Cole
5 years ago

Taking breaks is important – they are brief moments to recharge throughout the day. As a busy mom, I often have to multitask in order to get more done. Sometimes multitasking isn't productive, but there are times when it's useful. 

When taking breaks, I try to cultivate my creativity at the same time. Creativity is a powerful force in our lives. By definition it is the use of imagination and original ideas. Creative thinking helps us see things from a new perspective and find multiple ways to approach a problem. Creativity is the fuel that can move us along our journey, whether that journey is starting a businesswriting a book or redefining a relationship. Here are few ways to take breaks that boost your creativity: 

  • Listen to new music to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Look at an object and think of one new way it could be used. A cup might be used as a hat. A shoe might be used to carry sand. There are no wrong answers!
  • Go outside and be inspired by nature.

How can you infuse creativity into your breaks?

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Elisa Schmitz
Great tip, Kandice Cole ! Yesterday I got to my breaking point. I set everything aside and went for a walk. It was exactly what I needed. I came back ready to tackle more challenges!
Kandice Cole
Thanks Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds ! And so glad you went out and took a walk. Fresh air always does the trick for me, too!
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